Vedauwoo, WY Not quite sunset...

(James Jordan) #1

OK how about this one? I’m sure I could have used better settings for this.!AgsZP_6z3BqhwRw5mMbT8AHvw3u3

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(Glenn Butcher) #2

At 1/800sec and f29, you’re not getting a lot of light for the darker parts of the image, so they’re noisy. ISO 400 was probably making you expose this way, along with straight-into-the-sun. Ah noticed you have Active D-Lighting = Auto, which also reduced your exposure a bit.

Anyhow, standard raw processing, scaled the data to fit black/white, did a curve to add contrast to the lower tones, then a rather aggressive wavelet denoise. Resized to 1080 on the horizontal and min sharpened, because that’s just what I do for reduction resize.

Shooting into the sun is challenging, you just need to let the sun go to oblivion and try to get some signal in the darker parts of the image. A custom curve of your own making is usually in order to put contrast where it’s needed, in my limited experience.

(Glenn Butcher) #3

…and here’s another reason to love PlayRaw: I found a bug in my raw image metadata collection with @Jokersloose’s image, was why I was having white balance issues with yesterday’s image. PlayRaw gives me the opportunity to test my code against a variety of raw formats.


Thanks for sharing. Hint: drop the raw file directly into the post editor, from which it can be uploaded to the pixls servers. That way, even if your link expires, people may still participate in this Play Raw.

I cannot upload my take for some reason. Will do it later. This happens more often than not nowadays. Maybe it is the timing or my internet connection. :snail: Basically, it starts uploading; then the uploading message disappears.

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This is my take. Zoom and enjoy!
PhotoFlow: minimal linear no-clip.
G’MIC: filter pixels, curves, dehaze, softlight, resize (1800).


DSC_0582.NEF.pp3 (13.1 KB)
Rawtherapee and gimp

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(Shreedhar Inamdar) #7

A very interesting image again! Thanks for sharing @Jokersloose. Here is a version obtained by using GIMP2.10.10 with RT5.6 as the raw editor.
DSC_0582.NEF.pp3 (12.0 KB)

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(Thomas) #8

Noise is a problem, so I kept my try at full resolotion.


@shreedhar’s version brighter than everyone else’s?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Than another one not that bright :slight_smile:

DSC_0582.NEF.xmp (13,0 KB)

(Thomas) #11

Yes, quite unusual :wink:


What surprises me more is how well he made the lensflares disappear. That wasn’t easy but @shreedhar did way better

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(Shreedhar Inamdar) #13

I am out of my dark days boys :joy::wink:

(James Jordan) #14

Y’all are amazing. I really figured to be told “Nope not going to happen.” But these edits just show me what can be done with the right skill level.

Thanks, I’m learning so much,



Nah, I embrace the light. :sunny: :sparkles:

Glad you have joined the light side. :sparkles: What did it take?

Now apply your learning! Interested in what your interpretation is.

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(James Jordan) #16

DSC_0582.NEF.xmp (6.9 KB)

Here’s mine.

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DSC_0582.NEF.xmp (26.5 KB)


I felt the presure to do better on removing the flares :smile:
sorry for posting yet again, but retouche is actually a dream

DSC_0582.NEF.xmp (26,6 KB)