Vernisage at Izmailovo - Moscow - Russia

Autumn, September. About six o’clock in the evening.
I took pictures with Canon 70D kit lens +kodak2383 film look +Davinci Resolve. (19.9 МБ)

Davinci still preset: (54.9 МБ)

Play raw :slight_smile:

This file is licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike.


Thank you for this beautiful image. My play in GIMP. Cropped to remove the modern buildings on the left and the top of the cars. Local adjustments of contrast and brightness in various “zones”.


_MG_6871_03.dng.xmp (16.0 KB)

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Yeah, I didn’t put anything away. As I took this picture with my box, I left it there. No problem, cut it off.
Did you work with raw, which is in the archive, or did you process the screenshot you see here? There is a raw picture in the archive.
Thanks for the thanks :slight_smile:

Done from the raw. I had to make the most of that blue sky in addition to the rest of the photo!
I hope you like it.

DT 3.8.1

_MG_6871.dng.xmp (20.7 KB)


_MG_6871.dng.xmp (13.5 KB)

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No. It was fine. I was just saying, in case you were just processing a jpg.
The sky shows lightness or something. Such a sky won’t fall on anyone’s head for sure :slight_smile:
It’s like it’s not even a photo, but there’s a sky right behind the display)

For some reason I wanted to process it again. kodak2383 of course a certain standard for color ratio, as some people think, but hell with it)
And the houses are all these. So, let them be))), but in the photo it is better to remove the part with it.