Version - Siril Load time

Just a comment, having upgraded from earlier version (possibly 99.6??). The Siril load time had increased on my system quite dramatically. It now takes 88 seconds from the initial log window opening and stating that it has successfully opened sirl.css to completing the sequence and splashing the main program screen.

Works fine other than that.

Do you have any drive on a remote network?
If yes this is a known bug of glib on windows.

Thanks, I do have drives mapped. They were all not active (red cross), however I clicked on “disconnect” to force the situation and Siril went back to loading quickly,



OK. So verry sorry for that. I know that GIMP have same issue.
@Jehan found and fixed the bug in glib. But unfortunately that was not merged.

For the record, this has been hopefully fixed a week ago, in a different way to the one I proposed. It has been merged in glib but developers would be interested by feedback from the software which encountered the issue, if they could test the patch:

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