Very bright RAW with FUJI GFX

Hi everyone.

On my GFX 100S, I shoot both JPG and RAW. And import both in darktable. Most of the time I don’t do a lot of editing, so JPG are good enough for me.

But sometime I need to edit the RAW, and every-time I do that with darktable, it’s always very very bright, loose lot of detail in high light (detail are all present in the JPG).

If I use the exposure module the result are awful, same problem with reconstruct high light module, or shadow or high light module.

I’m 99.99% sure it’s because I don’t know enough of darktable. But since they are 1 billions thing I can edit in darktable I’m lost, where should I look ?

I downloaded and yes, it is bright compared to the embedded JPEG.

Solution before 16 bit is fully supported, shoot 14 bit.

Another solution, change the white level from 16383 to 65535 and increase exposure module.

Ah s*t…I though it was the case. Now I just have to wait until 16 bits are supported…

How can I do that ?


check on raw black/white point

Sorry, in fact I find the menu but the max are 16384 so I don’t know how to push it to 65535

You can try right clicking and typing a higher value…it may accept it…

It will accept it. I tried and it looks like the 14 bit file without clipped highlights.

I checked Rawspeed and it seems the white point is the same for both 14 bit and 16 bit. Change for 16 bit and it will be changed for 14 bit also.

If you already know that you unlikely will shot 14 bit you can with a text editor change this number.

Thanks for the solution.

It’s working.

I will open a issue in github about rawspeed to see if they are any way we can use «mode» in the cameras.xml to manage 14bits/16bits files for the GFX lineup.

Thanks a lot

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Wouldn’t it be possible to define an automatically applied preset for the raw black and white point? In case of updates before the 16-bit format is officially supported, that cameras.xml file might be overwritten…

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I’m not sure but I think that would be easy if you always shoot in 16 bits. You just have to select them all and apply the modification.