Very first video in English language: Introduction to siril's GUI


Here is the very first video in English language presenting the functionalities of the next version of Siril.

Others will follow to present all the features.

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Is that a text to speech doing the talking?

This is Laurent (@argonothe).
Always a challenge for french guys ;).

Sorry, I did not mean for that to come off as an offensive comment.

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Oh no problem :). I haven’t listen the video right now. But generally Laurent did it himself :).


Well yes, I did both versions, one with my voice and the other with a text to speech… When I listened to myself again, my English is so rusty lol that I didn’t want to impose on you my really heavily accented English…

I need to increase my English skills lol :wink:

As soon as I’ve practiced enough I’ll record my voice :wink:

Clear skies,

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So sorry @paperdigits, you were right :slight_smile:


Hi guys! I was just at the Siril website to see if what happened really happened.(shock and horror!)
I would like to put in my opinion here and everywhere (and an issue at github if you like) that I will miss the free moving windows, especially on my lower resolution (1366x768) notebook where it will no longer fit onscreen, a problem I meant to mention before if I haven’t. Try to keep in mind that many of us operate in remote locations and may not have HD equipment handy. Also, and I know this is terrible so sorry in advance --my horrible honest opinion is that, well… Gnome’s big button style kinda sucks, and wastes so much screen space. [edited due to my kid correcting me]
I would like to suggest having an option to separate the view windows as before, or a switch for a more lxde/xcfe friendly interface. Scalable icons and more freedom to resize the window(s) would also be helpful in the field. I think using smaller top buttons would also be more efficient, especially for less used functions like scripting, which for myself, I tend to use as a command line function when I do it which hasn’t been often lately as my camera systems are changing frequently.
All that said, I do tend to use combined mode in GIMP to corral all those toolboxes, but the emphasis there is on maintaining the main image preview to a large size, so maybe that would help.
Anyway, I just thought i’d share my initial shock when I updated last night. I’m sure i’ll tame my aspergers symptoms and accept the changes eventually(I did backup my older git copy though, lol)
As usual if there’s any way an old ET can help, just let me know.

Also, I think a heavily French accented English is a beautiful thing. :smiley:

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I watched the video and one thing the new setup gives I definitely DO like. Combining the BW and color windows results in the controls being easier to find when needed and less window stack sifting.
As above, i’ll probably get over my initial shock. :stuck_out_tongue:

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No, I think it will be the opposite. Indeed, now Siril fits a lot of screen and resolution. (It was really not the case before. Now the main window can be smaller than the old one.

Also you can hide/show the right panel, and / or work in full screen mode.

No changes are too deeper.

I am sorry, I know that a UI changes a lot, there always two kind of people. The one enjoying, and the one that would like killing the dev team.
Old UI, with the multiwindows format had too many (cross-plattform) issues and I really think the solution was to make one single window mode.
So far, the feedback are rather good however. So I hope you will enjoy it when the UI will be stabilized.

About the GNOME style, I know that a lot of people don’t like it. Me neither at the beginning. This is because people doesn’t like changes :).

I really hope you’ll change your mind in the future.


Here an example of Siril in full-screen mode.

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I saw that in the video. Combining the bw/and rgb looks nice. If we can drag the control box to be smaller and resize the whole thing down that will also help. Okay…i’m out of the rafters. I just got some new stuff the other night so i’m going to jump in with both feet now. :cowboy_hat_face:

Thank you for your feedback, don’t worry, the first time I opened the software, I was surprised… But…
Very quickly I realized how easy it was to get the display I really needed. With the keyboard shortcuts, the right part of the window that collapses… ctrl+ f shift + mouse wheel, ctrl+ mouse wheel etc…

You really get used to it very quickly :slight_smile:

For the French accent, don’t worry, I have so many videos in progress that I will soon make some with my voice. And what’s important is to be easily understandable :wink: lol I’m so used to watching movies, series and conferences in English that my accent sounds really ugly… I still have to practice :wink:

Clear skies,



Wow!, I liked the new unified viewer window. Are there any build for this branch available on macOS?

Thank you for your feedback,

Yes of course, we present the development version, when it is released, Siril will be available as usual for Windows, Mac and Linux.

It is still possible to compile the development version see here:

Clear skies,


Yes I know that it will be deliver in all platforms. My question was about the development builds. I’ve downloaded de repo but there are no instructions to build SiriL on macOS. I’ve tried a simple ./ and it failed because it can’t find some dependency. If you could publish some more details about how to build on macOS it will be great!

you need to use homebrew look here:

and run the following command from the homebrew console:
brew install siril

Clear skies,


But I have reviewed the recipe available on homebrew for SiriL and it was for 0.9.12, not the development one.

You can compile it.
Just do like Linux but
brew install ‘dependencies’ is the command to write.

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