Việt Nam 2019.

Just wanted to share my best photos so far. They are taken with the iPhone 6+.

A field in the Củ Chi outskirts.

Apartments and housing units old and new in Sài Gòn.

Crossing the Mêkong River from Mỹ Tho to Bến Tre island.

Our tour guide, My, asks if we would like to hold a live honeycomb in Bến Tre.

Starfruit flowers.

Touring like tourists in Bến Tre.

Giant Gourami Fish at Nhà hàng sinh thái Việt Nhật Bến Tre.

The other way to cross the Mêkong River is the Rạch Miễu bridge, which has replaced the commuter ferries.

Shopping in urban Bến Tre city. The hairy red fruit is Chôm-chôm (Rambutan) a.k.a. the white mystery fruit in canned fruit cocktail.

Thanks for looking. We have a 3-day excursion to Đà Lạt upcoming this weekend; more pics in a week.


Some lovely captures here, @HIRAM! I like the bridge and sunset photos.

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Dạ, cám ơn anh Mica! (Thank you)

Hey there @rtwx welcome to the forum!

Honored to have received your first “like”. Thanks for clicking!

Hi, of course! There’s some really beautiful images there. :slightly_smiling_face:
Friends are visiting there the end of March.
I don’t want to derail, but I was pointed here from the Fediverse/Mastodon by paperdigits after I discovered darktable and had a play with some iphone photos.

I’ll be looking to get an actual camera some time this year so you’ll be seeing more of me. In the mean time I’ll try and learn as much as I can, this place looks great from what I’ve seen thus far :blush:


@HIRAM As usual, I love your photos. Full of life and happiness.

@rtwx Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the kind words, @afre. Vietnam has plenty of heartache, but it’s hard to capture and show that when engulfed in its incredible love and amazement. It’s come a very long way since I was first here in 2002. Much has changed in countless ways I can not list. What has not changed is the immense love most people have for Americans. And the heat. We’re ”enjoying” 99 oF weather here right now in the South. Last time I was here there was a cold snap. Weather dropped down to 68 oF for a couple of days, almost sweater weather.


Đà Lạt, Việt Nam

City of Eternal Springtime.

View of Đà Lạt City from our room.

At the Đà Lạt municipal flower garden, a very popular photo spot. Lavender.

My cousin posing for an introspective portrait.

At a BBQ and escargot restaurant with giant fume hoods on the ceiling catching all that glorious smoke.

A busy and precarious uncontrolled 6-way intersection with many pedestrians dodging traffic.

The busy night market.

Mai Anh Church @ the Dominion of Mary convent.

Inside the church, ceiling structure.

Inside the church there were very unique, hand-made ceramic stations of the cross.

Very old wheel barrow on the convent grounds.

Interior lobby where we stayed, the Queen Villa Hotel.

Interior of Nhà Thờ Con Gà Đà Lạt, a major cathedral in Đà Lạt known as Chicken Church. Nhà Thờ = Church. Con Gà = Chicken.

More of the ceiling structure inside.

The DOHA cafe, a very popular photo spot. Although everyone wants their picture taken there, almost no one goes in for the coffee.

It lies along the waterfront of the Xuân Hương Lake.


Until next we meet

Fare thee well, Sài Gòn.


It finally rained yesterday, our last full day. Chopin’s Prelude 15, “the raindrop” via


A view from the 17th floor cafe atop Phúc Yên tower in Sài Gòn. Cityscape and traffic.


Abstractish slide show with my own musical composition.

I enjoy the prelude but all things must come to an end. Thanks for sharing your experience.

It’s always a bitter-sweet farewell. This was my 6th time over there. We’re trying to make it back next summer.