vibrance rgb vesus vibrance in basic adjustments

From darktable 3.0.1 released

“The vibrance in basicadj is an algo I [Aurelien] have designed. It works in RGB space and is just the same algo as the saturation, but with a penalty applied on already-saturated pixels. The dev who put it there tested its hue preservation property, and it’s fairly hue-invariant. Of course, it will darken blue a bit (no saturated blue can ever be percieved bright, that’s how our perceptual system works, just like dark yellow is actually more muddy than yellow), but for some reason, it darkens less than the Lab vibrance.”

Since basic adjustments is deprecated, and vibrance rgb is the new module, how does it compare?

100% same algo in “vibrance rgb”. I have even created an integration test using basicadj vibrance and then checked it against the new “vibrance rgb”. I have implemented it just because basicadj was beeing deprecated and so we needed to keep the nice algo for the vibrance.


Thanks! I’ve been using basicadj vibrance for a long time, and I’m glad to see it still available.

While we are talking about vibrance: what is the difference beetween this one (basic ajustment or vibrancergb modules) and the midtones chroma in the new colorbalancergb module which “is close to what usually is called vibrance in many pieces of software” (citing @aurelienpierre from ?