Video creation_time in UTC not local time

When I download video files that were made with my sony a6500 camera, which stores the creation_time in UTC format (e.g. creation_time : 2019-07-20T11:54:11.000000Z), the video renaming using the tag “<Video date (HH-MM-SS)>” uses the UTC time, but I would need the local time instead. Is it somehow possible to get the local time instead of the UTC?

Please file a new bug report. Include in your bug report all the log files, which are found in the log directory ~/.cache/rapid-photo-downloader/log. You can open the log file directory by clicking on the link in the “Report a Problem” dialog window. If possible, please also include the configuration file found in the directory ~/.config/Rapid Photo Downloader/.

Thanks @damonlynch, I filed the bugreport here