Video of the Libre Graphics track at SCaLE16x

Hey everyone! As some of you may know, we had the first ever Libre Graphics track at SCaLE16x. I had the esteemed please of meeting many people, developers, and users at this even, including @patdavid for the first time (he’s a bit of a celebrity, in case you didn’t know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

I hope that we were successful enough that they’ll have us again next year!

Here is video for those of you who missed it!

Uncut video of the whole day:


Extending Inkscape with SVG filters

Busting things up with the fracture modifier branch of Blender

Making freely licensed movies with freely licensed tools

Developers, Developers, Developers! How about creatives?

Why the GIMP team obviously hates you

Git for Photographers

Our own @Isaac also had a talk entitled “Open source digital data collection for field sciences” which was on a different track, but they haven’t posted that video yet!


Thanks for posting these @paperdigits! It was great to meet you and to meet several others from the libre graphics community. Sorry I missed the track, and sorry for missing out on meeting @patdavid. :frowning:

Great that Pat wears a Darktable shirt :slight_smile:


I didn’t have a RawTherapee shirt to wear… :wink: