Video tutorial about noise reduction with darktable 2.6



After several video tutorials for noise reduction in french, I decided to make the new tutorials both in english and french.
So here is my new (english) tutorial about noise reduction with darktable 2.6:

I hope you’ll enjoy it :slight_smile:

(Chris E) #2

Really informative. Just what I was looking for. Thanks

(Gustavo Adolfo) #3

Very good, thanks!

Can’t wait to put those tips in practice.


Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:
The tutorial is now also available on peertube:

(Eduardo Battaglia) #5

Good information!

Spoiler: highlight reconstruction was a bad guy

(Alessandro Amato Del Monte (Aadm)) #6

Had this in the list of things to do (to watch), finally did it and wow, very good tips, especially the way to treat absurdly high ISO images. Informative, no chit chat, straight to the point, with lots of background info.

Luckily my concept of “high ISO” is between 1600 and 3200, maybe 6400 on a bad day… so I hope I will never need those advanced techniques you showed using channel mixer, denoised profile curves or bilateral filter denoise. I should have taken notes however… perhaps somebody could do that and post them here (or there was a thread some time ago on Darktable tips, maybe that could be a good place to use).

edited 1 minutes after posting Ehm sorry I should’ve checked the notes on youtube, thse are really great, a detailed summary of all the major steps with parameters etc!