Video workflow for social media

This week I volunteered to put together video clips and set up a Facebook Premiere. I don’t know how to do the latter, though I suspect the reason I don’t have the controls is that I haven’t been granted editor status.

Anyway, I am starting this thread because I am sure the public has questions on how to generate videos suitable for publishing on social media outlets. What is your workflow? Have any funny stories? Discuss!

Today, I used Kdenlive: dropped the clips in the timeline; trimmed and aligned them; added gain to one clip, keeping an eye on the decibel range; and rendered and exported the file with the generic mp4 preset using parallel processing. Slow on my old low spec laptop but faster than I expected.

One awkward thing about Kdenlive is that it doesn’t seem have a horizontal scroll bar to navigate the timeline (at least on win10), and for some reason, the zooming has a couple of seconds delay. There is probably an easier way to do this but I haven’t used Kdenlive in 15 years. Please enlighten me.

Under Linux I have a slider under the timeline. It vanishes when I zoom so far out that the whole project fits into the window. I hate dynamic UI elements…

The zoom control is on the bottom right corner - CTRL+ and CTRL- also change the zoom factor for the time line.

1 So the scroll bar is a win10 problem. Someone verify and report this.

2 I know how to zoom. It is just that there is a noticeable delay. Must be my slow computer.

Hi @afre, I’m not a user of Kdenlive, but I swear by the equally free, yet not open source, DaVinci Resolve. One little piece of advice I can give you is to make sure you set up your color management right. If you designated medium is the web, make sure your color space is either Rec.709 or sRGB and you output video levels (0-255).

The output quality you set is not really important, since YouTube does their own reprocessing (as far as I am aware). Therefore, it’s usually simply a matter of choosing a high enough bitrate and not a too high bitrate. You don’t want your files to get huge so that uploading becomes a bottleneck.

Updated audio workflow from manual gain adjustments to

1 Audacity Audiobook Mastering - Audacity Wiki.
2 Shotcut normalize: one pass.

Certain voices are low quality and therefore dry / harsh sounding. No chance to rerecord. Would like to soften. Filtering suggestions?

Edit A low pass works to a certain extent. This would be step 0.

The more I use Audacity and Shotcut the more complex my workflow. Now, my thoughts turn to colour management: does Shotcut or Kdenlive have it?