Videos on sharpening & noise

It looks like I’ve spending too much time on youtube w/o good results

  • Can anyone recommend me some good video on processing high iso & noise? I’m using the 2 instances of profiled denoise (chroma & luma) but it still look too painterly. Normally I convert them to B&W, but I need some photos in colour.
  • Can anyone recommend me some good video on sharpening?


I’ve seen some good videos on denoising but bear in mind that it’s changing again in dartkable 3 and I haven’t seen any videos covering profiled denoise on this version.

This thread (Changes in noise reduction for darktable 2.7/3.0) has some useful info on the new settings but the long-and-short is that the two-instance approach is no longer recommended with the new version of the profiled denoise module.

I make a new video on denoising with darktable every year. Though, I did not take time yet to do the one with darktable 3.0 (I will probably do it during the end of december or early january). As such, I am not aware of any video denoising tutorial with darktable 3.0. As there was many changes to ease denoising introduced in darktable 3.0, the tutorials made with dt 2.6 are obsolete.

As @elstoc suggested, I advice you read the thread about the changes made in dt 2.7/3.0. :slight_smile:

About sharpening now, I am not aware of any videos.
You can try these methods:

  • use the constrast equalizer “deblur” presets (this is the method I prefer, and that I use the most)
  • use the local contrast module in bilateral mode with low coarseness (1-5), sometimes using several instances with different coarseness
  • use the sharpen module
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Thank you very much for the directions. This should get me going…

This video by Bruce Williams is the most informative that I have seen about noise reduction.