View from Torre di Pisa

(Alberto) #1

it’s been a while since my last critique post, but I haven’t given up yet :slight_smile:
This is from a hike back in September, a lesser known leaning tower, but a beautiful place nonetheless.
Feedback welcome!


(Mica) #2

What a nice shot! The light is nice and the textures are amazing!

If it were mine, i’d rotate it slightly counter-clockwise and burn down the rocks in the foreground just a little bit more. And maybe a touch of local contrast to make those rocks pop!

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(pphoto) #3

Great shot. Colors good, many details to look at (even some people there) and left and right of the big rock a bit landscape visible.


  • The clouds on the left side are much brighter than the big rock. I would bring them down a bit.
  • If you have the RAW files, try some haze removal to bring out the landscape at the horizon
  • I would crop out the image a bit. On the lower and on the left border so that the lower left corner is near to the corner of the brighter rock.
  • Maybe lighten the dark rock on the lower right side a bit
  • Increase the orange color of the rocks and decrease saturation of the background sky to bring out the rocks more
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Was waiting patiently and it paid off. Nice image.

It has a lot going for it. A few things that I would consider:

1. The hikers look like rock trolls. Make them distinct (more colourful?).
2. A perspective change would help. Need less of the bottom left quadrant.
3. Regularize the brightness and contrast a bit more but not by too much.

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(Alex Mozheiko) #5

God, those towers are gorgeous. The shot is nearly perfect. If there’s anything that could be improved is that one’d wait until the sunset when the towers will get bloody red. Italy presents gorgeous views for everywhere! :heart_eyes:

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