Viewer mode is not linear - Saving TIFFS etc failed

Hi to all,

Trying to use Siril. But I run against a block in (almost) the final step(s). When trying to save the final result into a TIFF (8|16|32) it says:

“Viewer mode is not linear”
"You are saving an image that is displayed in a non linear mode. "
“What you see is not what you will get. Switch the viewer mode to linear to save what you see.”

What is the point of autostretch, remove green noise etc, if you cannot save it?

As I did not get the AppImage to run the siril-cli (and run two instances with and without rotation of the stars) I decided to download the source of 1.0.0 and compile it (no make, no autotools but meson, ninja etc). This version seems to run fine (both the GUI and cli) but no luck with saving the final result(s).

Am I missing something? A switch?


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Yes. You’re missing the basics in astrophotography.
I would advice you to read our tutorials to understand how to proceed.

For example this one: Siril - Manual pre-processing

Viewer mode is just viewer, to work on very dark images, like astrophotography.


Oh, and I forgot the faq that answer to your question.

Thank you very much @lock042 your help is really appreciated.

My misunderstanding really comes from the “Saving RGB Image as” dialog. Among the formats being offered is BMP and JPG (both 8 bit as you know), and the TIFF is offered with 8, 16 and 32 bit (float). The linear image is mostly black (I can just distinguish Ursa Major for example). Why offering these 8 bit formats when they cannot be used (stretched) anyway?

Because you can stretch your image, before saving, as explained in the tutorials.