Villa Blüthner (built in 1858)

Last month I visited Leipzig (Germany). Most of the buildings I saw were in quite a good shape. The old mansion on the image below was an exception. And it had this interesting half open window with the curtain …

20200718_0062.CR2 (23.7 MB)
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Thanks for posting, my take B&W with a focus on the half open window with the curtain
DT 3.0.2

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darktable 3.0.2

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Above empty streets,
In the graffitied mansion,
A curtain is drawn


I adjusted raw white point to get rid of magenta in the sky, but realise now I don’t have as much curtain detail as other edits. So what would have been the better solution? Leave raw white point alone and just fix magenta highlights with highlight reconstruction?

darktable (3.3.0) + GIMP (2.10.20)

Spend some time cleaning up this picture.

Anyway, thanks for this exercise opportunity!

EDIT: Spend some more time on the signpost, one of the garbage containers and the electricity(??) box.

This will be my last edit: It’s just great exercise material and I can’t stop playing with it.


Playing around with ART, accentuating the biker to a) suggest speed and b) a little hint to the OP that this kind of photos should be bike-free! :wink: (116.4 KB)

There was quite some traffic on this street and I took this picture “on the way” :slight_smile: .

My take. RT5.8dev commit 57303d52b

20200718_0062.jpg.out.pp3 (13.1 KB)

My intention was to enhance the textures in the picture, with as less as possible artifacts.

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Just an edit. Not for pixel-peeping. :smile:


@Jade_NL Jade_NL’s rendition is very nice!!

Needed a CR2 file for testing purposes in DT … thanks for the image. :wink:

I like this shot :slight_smile: