vkdt dev diary pt 4

i just merged a few slightly more distruptive than usual changes to master. i’m now using the viewport/docking branch of imgui to support multi-window rendering. that required a bit of refactoring, so it’s possible that i broke stuff that i didn’t repair yet (let me know).

there are some smaller and medium changes too:

  • support for dual monitors with colour management and fullscreen image in node editor on other screen (press dual monitors button in the settings expander in the node editor)
  • little preview images in right panel are zoomable/pan-able
  • auto crop button reworked. not perfect but handles common cases way better than previously
  • perspective correction now works as expected even if rotate is > 0
  • reworked tools/command line interface. you can now reach the tools going through the main vkdt binary (similar to git), say vkdt lutinfo or vkdt mkssf
  • compiles on ARM now
  • talked about unicode/font support in the other thread but not in a changelog yet. you can teach vkdt japanese and cyrillic filenames by setting the font in config.rc now.
  • also didn’t mention better amdgpu support here yet.

does vkdt have an app icon/logo?

no. but there is a feature request on github for a .desktop file (not that i’d be using it). i suppose this requires an icon too to be useful.

Something like the current darktable icon cradled by the eruption of a volcano might be appropriate.

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yeah i was thinking the same… looking at images of volcano eruptions from space. some really cool ones there. the round islands or the round holes in the regular cloud cover around the volcano would probably be suitable for an icon shape. needs some abstraction though.

like this but in good?




My SO had a rough draft of an icon. I will post the sketch sometime.

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Last night I had a dream that vkdt came to Windows. It was a nice dream, and I woke up sad when the grey, icy and overcast morning reminded me that winter is yet to release us from its frigid and constrictive grip…


A 100x100 transparent background version of the same image.

…or as a futuristic volcano-powered engine with a graph, moving fast?


maybe with real 3d geo?

:slight_smile: :laughing:

I just decided I wanted a launcher that had an identifiable and distinct icon and chose your icon6. Since I took the time to make it more desktop-friendly, thought I’d share.

In all seriousness, the graph is certainly one of two specific elements (the other of course the Vulkan API) that make vkdt unique. Yet your icon19 - for all its fanjet or rocket-engine feel - is not communicating to me vulcanism, nor photography.

icon6 with the various shades in the mountain slopes, and also the variation in the erupted material, still evokes a little of the darktable logo - conceptually, place the darktable logo flat and extrude it upwards by erupting through it.

I’ve got to ask: where do icon6 and icon19 and others come from? I haven’t seen any discussion besides this one in vkdt topics here on pixls. Do you have a whole gallery of icons on display anywhere?

not really. just a folder on my hard drive with some drafts that are more terrible than others:

thanks for your input. i like the icon <= 7 range because it looks more peaceful/balanced. the volcano thing i’m not sure is super necessary because it’s also very generic. i mean i also don’t need to stress that it’s written mostly in c. also i think it works better in very small icon sizes. does not carry a graph or the concept of speed though.


Just my 2c. They all look a little too busy.
icon19 does look like a rocket, but like Martin said, doesn’t suggest photography. (This may not be a dealbreaker, the icon I am currently using for dolphin file browser doesn’t in any way suggest file browser… but does have a dolphin. I like it because it looks nice and won’t be confused with Nemo file browser).
icon6 I could not even guess what it was if not for reading this thread. Big mosquito eyes at apocalyptic sunset with tsunami?

Without worrying about the meaning, icon8 would be my favourite aesthetically.


thanks for the opinion! yeah sometimes i’m not sure vkdt is in fact about photography. i mean it does play videos and games. you can do 3d ray tracing, output audio, run an optimiser on a graph to find best parameters for some loss function… i suppose this is what brought me on the “pod racer engine” track here.

in the end the icon just has to look semi-attractive and be recognisable from a distance i guess.

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:flushed: wow! that’s hot.

Wow. Would you say there is a purpose to putting all these varied use cases in the same program, or just done out of personal convenience for your own uses? Sound’s like it should be a few different programs.

well you wouldn’t believe how much overlap there is in the code. 3d monte carlo stuff requires denoising that isn’t so different from photography. being inherently hdr, it requires all the film curve treatment, too. the optimiser i used to fit vignetting parameters to a flat field image, for instance. a straight photography task. and since my cameras do record video, it’s actually nice to be able to view/treat these files just the same if they pop up in between the raw images in a folder. as it happens these are useful code blocks for many purposes. thinking i should not call vkdt a “workflow tool” but a “workflow toolbox”.