vkdt dev diary pt 5

just to post a sign of life, this is what has been going on lately:

  • setup github actions to automatically build + run static analysis/security tests
  • glenn has been working on a dso build, you can now make lib and make install-lib to create libvkdt.so + shader modules, without installing binaries.
  • graph editor view changes, positions of modules are now stored in .cfg files along with the rest
  • completely removed the pipeline edit tab in darkroom mode (use the graph editor instead)
  • reworked the auto-crop button to actually do the job
  • relatively minor gui finetuning stuff
  • focus stack blend mode (using the part of the images with more sharp details)
  • reworking the blocks layer, concept phase: will likely have gui interaction to mark/group modules as a new block and then collapse it/connect to other modules/blocks, and probably also have bulk operations on many blocks: change parameters, copy/paste multiple, reduction to blend say 150 images to a single output via blocks of align/blend for instance.