vkdt icon (plus title text to make it > 15 characters)

i know we talked about this in some thread before, but maybe it’s better to put this in one common place for discussion: here are some ideas for icons for vkdt. what do you think? which one do you like best? doesn’t mean these are final versions, you can vote for the general direction:

  1. colourful volcano:

  2. b/w version:

  3. graph based rocket engine:

  4. "vk"dt I

  5. "vk"dt II

    1. colour volcano
    1. b/w volcano
    1. rocket engine
    1. “vk” I
    1. “vk” II

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@hanatos just in case you want to look for help on UX, UI, design… Some years ago, I discovered in FOSDEM https://opensourcedesign.net/

A community of people open to help open source projects in this matters.

BTW I have voted my preferred icon


I think icons are normally viewed at small size; I tried scaling them to roughly match the icons on my Windows task-bar.

So, I think the Vikings are too complex for such a small image, even the ‘graph based rocket engine’ loses its meaning. The volcanos are OK, but I think even those could/should be simplified. (Also: voted.)


Originally I was thinking the first logo was a macro view of a dragonfly or a similar insect. Only after reading the title was that I noticed the volcano. Haha!

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Agreed. A logo – from which the icon is delivered – should be a reduced / distilled / simplified symbolic representation of an idea, concept, etc. IMO here that idea should be image development at a basic level.

FWIW I think trying to communicate the concept of a graph-based editor (vs. whatever else) is far too complex and esoteric to be successful at the icon level – except maybe in the rarest of highly specialized contexts to exactly the right, very sophisticated audience. The logo / icon should communicate what vkdt does, not how, IMO.

Back in my graphic design days decades ago, we always started logo designs in monochrome then went to color only after we had established a valid direction. If it doesn’t work in mono, it won’t work in color. It needs to work both ways.

Free advice / feedback… take it for what it’s worth! LOL


To me, #3 looks like some kind of robotic arm or fist with a metal gauntlet over it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I didn’t vote for any of them because of what @kofa said. vkdt is a game-changer, and you want it’s icon to be iconic:laughing:


That was my first interpretation, too.

Yeah. Nor do I…
They are not up to the software itself (which IS great), IMHO :slight_smile:

haha thanks all for your input :slight_smile: i understand mostly that “they all look s$%^” :rofl: will let the poll go for a while to see which general direction would be interesting. i mean it was clear that none of these would work as they are.

that seems to be good advise. @rgo will also investigate your pointer.


Well, full disclaimer:

  1. I’m not a vkdt user. That’s not really by choice, but I’m currently running a Windows 11 laptop with a cheesy little low-RAM integrated GPU. And I have suspicions the AMD drivers (at least, their OpenCL implementation) may be a little buggy as I’ve seen GPU-related crashes. So … :slight_smile:

  2. The old adage, “Use it or lose it” is absolutely true. I’ve not done any visual design in years and …well, it’s gone. I.e., my design ability long ago left the building…

But I’m still full of opinion! :smiley:

Agree with all the comments – the icon needs to much more simple and still make sense when turned into a 32x32 pixel version. Edit: not sure where I got 32x32 from but anyway, small…

The volcano could probably be done with just the outline of the volcano and the outline of the eruption.