vkdt on Manjaro

I would like some help in installing vkdt on Manjaro. The instructions are available for Arch (from which Manjaro is derived) but I am unsure how to modify the instructions. Help would be appreciated.

you can probably just install the arch package from /repositories/graphics:/darktable:/master - openSUSE Download for Arch

Ye you can just install it this way, you don’t have to change anything for Manjaro. It will keep up to date too when you update your system.


It doesn’t link. Instructions here:

For Arch Linux, edit /etc/pacman.conf and add the following (note that the order of repositories in pacman.conf is important, since pacman always downloads the first found package):
Server = https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/graphics:/darktable:/master/Arch/$arch

Just paste it at the top of /etc/pacman.conf

Then run the following as Root:

key=$(curl -fsSL https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/graphics:darktable:master/Arch/$(uname -m)/graphics_darktable_master_Arch.key)
fingerprint=$(gpg --quiet --with-colons --import-options show-only --import --fingerprint <<< "${key}" | awk -F: '$1 == "fpr" { print $10 }')

pacman-key --init
pacman-key --add - <<< "${key}"
pacman-key --lsign-key "${fingerprint}"

pacman -Sy graphics_darktable_master_Arch/vkdt

But Manjaro does not have /etc/pacman.conf … it does have /etc/pacman.d, which is quite different.
It appears to me that Arch and Manjaro are quite different in this respect…
How would I go about getting vkdt actually put into the Arch repos? … is there a way?

It’s not a folder it’s a file. It has both same as Arch. pacman.conf is where distros that use pacman link to their repos.

Close subject … problem solved