W10/MSYS2 problem building ART with LCMS2 fast-float plugin

Being no longer able to log on bitbucket and to open a bug report in ART repo, I post it here.

1- I finally succeeded to build the fast float plugin using the ./configure procedure instead of using the Meson procedure.

2-files of generated LCMS2 package

		jpgicc.exe liblcms2-2.dll liblcms2_fast_float-1.dll linkicc.exe psicc.exe tificc.exe transicc.exe
		lcms2.h lcms2_fast_float.h lcms2_plugin.h
		liblcms2.a liblcms2.dll.a liblcms2.la
		liblcms2_fast_float.a liblcms2_fast_float.dll.a liblcms2_fast_float.la
					jpgicc.1 linkicc.1 psicc.1 tificc.1 transicc.1

3- it is installed in a specific location acceded with:

4- AboutThisBuild.txt:

Version: 1.18.0-15-g6614616df
Branch: master
Commit: 6614616df
Commit date: 2023-01-16
Compiler: gcc 12.2.0
Processor: Skylake
System: Windows
Bit depth: 64 bits
Gtkmm: 3.24.7
Exiv2: 0.27.5-lc
LCMS2: 2.14-fastfloat
LibRaw: 0.21.0-lc
OpenColorIO: 2.2.0
Build type: release
Build flags:   -std=c++11 -ffp-contract=off -march=native -Werror=unused-label -fno-math-errno -Wl,--stack,4194304 -Wall -Wuninitialized -Wno-deprecated-declarations -Wno-unused-result -fopenmp -Werror=unknown-pragmas -Wno-aggressive-loop-optimizations -DNDEBUG  -O3 -ftree-vectorize
Link flags:   -march=native -s -O3
OpenMP support: ON
Mi-malloc: V2.0
Build OS: Windows
Build date: 2023-01-17T09:30:02Z

5- build error

[ 44%] Linking CXX executable ART-cli.exe
make[2]: Entering directory '/d/art/artsource/builds/master_release64Skylake'
: cannot find -llcms2_fast_float: No such file or directory

Do you know what is happening?

Might be that cmake finds a wrong version of lcms2? Did you run cmake from a new build dir or did you try to reuse a previous build dir? Where did you install lcms?

Hi Alberto

The build dir is a new build dir : the old one is deleted and a new one created.

The package is installed in
It has the structure as described above in point 2 and the path is added to PKG_CONFIG_PATH as described in 3

There is also a LCMS2 package inside MINGW64 as it is a dependency required by other packages.
This package has no fast float plugin so the Libs line of the MINGW64 lcms2.pc is Libs: -L${libdir} -llcms2
and contains nothing like -llcms2_fast_float

I built the last version of lcms2 master branch commit e71aeb6d8ad.
What is the commit you use?