W10/Save As: Defaulting 16-bit images into original folders?

After processing in RT, I often send the image to PSE for further tweaking. After processing in PSE and wanting to save the image (am using Windows 10,) I go to File>Save As, and this is where the problem arises. Ideally, I want this image to reside in the folder it came from (as have all other images that I have process before using RT,) however it’s defaulted into …AppData>Local>Temp. I think I know why: All other images that were just processed in PSE, were 8-bit. Stuff coming from RT are 16-bit. And for some unknown reason to me, 16-bit images get defaulted to a temp folder, whereas the 8-bit images go into their original folders. Can anyone show me how to default RT images that were lastly processed in PSE into their original folders? Hope I didn’t make this too confusing.

When you use the “open with” feature of rt, it uses that temp folder.

So, as I now understand, image goes to Temp when using “open with” and, in this case, when the image travels from RT to PSE and then Save As. Two instances in which the image does not travel to its original folder. Would love to be able to change theses “defaults.”

Don’t know if this is any help Adam

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Thank you, Andy. Haven’t looked at this yet,
but I have to say even if it doesn’t answer my question, I know
for sure that I will learn something. In other words, all your
RT tutorials are very, very helpful and well appreciated. Keep
up the good work! What I have been doing is trying to compare
RT to the combination of PSE and the old Google NIK, which I
have been using for a couple of years. As sort of a half photo
enthusiast, I have not been using PSE for all its fancy stuff,
but rather for its ACR both RAW and jpg prior to bringing the
image back into PSE for croppping/straightening and then on to
NIK for just about everything else. So, as I’m learning the
basics of RT, I will process and image (both raw and jpg) with
the two softwares and try to see which software results
(compared using Faststone comparator) pleases me the most. At
present, perhaps as one would expect because of familiarity, I
think I am getting better results with PSE/NIK. However, as I
learn more about RT, I have a strong suspicion that RT will find
its proper place, also. BTW, as a guy from Brooklyn, NY, I just
love your accent…




Maybe you mean the absence of an accent :slight_smile:

Cheers Adam, the accent is half Potteries + half Cheshire - something of a bastardized hybrid :crazy_face: :crazy_face: