wacom pen and mouse issues

I have installed the latest version of Rawtherapee for windows64 on a Windows 10 computer. It looks great but my wacom tablet and pen does not work, nor does the mouse. The cursor moves but any click makes just right click, making it impossible to work.
Any ideas about the origin of the problem?
Thank you!

It is known to cause trouble, but it’s unlikely an issue with RT. Possibly GTK+ related: Interface trouble when using pen input · Issue #5128 · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub

Thanks, Roel. Already looked at that topic, but there is no solution suggested…

Well, nobody else seems to have this problem.
I have tried all possible solutions, even installing the gtk + although I had already read that it was not necessary.
As well as reconfiguring the Wacom tablet and updating drivers, although it works perfectly in the rest of my software.
I will continue checking the forum from time to time to see if any info jumps.
It is a real shame for me, because the program looks fantastic, far superior to LR.

Yeah, indeed. Can confirm that Rawtherapee is much more powerful than LR. I hope something gets figured out soon, so that you can use the power of Rawtherapee with the speed of a Wacom.