Wacom Tablet in Gimp / Ubuntu

Kubuntu 18.04
Gimp 2.10.8
Wacom Intuos

I bought this tablet months ago and just cleaned the dust off of it. Because when I tried to use it, I got frustrated and put it away. I cannot get it to work correctly in GIMP.

First problem: I chose the paint brush in gimp, but as soon as the stylus touched the tablet, it changed to the “select by color” (Shift-O) tool.

If I put the stylus down and moved the mouse, then the cursor went back to being a paintbrush.

So I cannot paint anything with the stylus, but I can select by color using the stylus.

I am sure I’ll have a lot more problems with this thing, but first things first…how do I paint with the stylus?

I believe Gimp keeps track of which tool is selected for each control device.

Try selecting the brush tool using the stylus.

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You’re correct! That helped a lot. There are still a lot of idiosyncrasies to using this tablet that I need to figure out, but at least you helped me solve the first one!

I believe that @Ofnuts
knows a lot about these things.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

I don’t know that much. I have a Bamboo tablet;but I hardly use it (a tablet is for manual work, and I try to replace all manual processes with scripts:)).

Two things to know:

  1. As stated above, a tablet is one or two new pointing devices. A tools is associated to each device, and to create that association the tool as to be selected with the device. In other words, if you want the airbrush on the tablet, you have to select it with the tablet, not with the mouse. However I don’t remember what happens if you select a tool with a keyboard shortcut. Is it associated to the “core pointer” or to the active pointer? Easy to test, though…
  2. You can use Windows>Dockable dialogs>Device status to display:
    • the available/recognized devices
    • for each device, the tool currently associated to it
    • depending on tool, the relevant parts of the context associated to them (brush, color, gradient)…