Warm-ish winter day by the lake

After days of rain and clouds we had a little sunshine yesterday, so I grabbed my camera and took a little drive. This is the deep south US so we don’t get extreme winters, but stuff still dies. Except for the “nevergreen” pines, LOL. I like the three-layer-sandwich composition here, although otherwise it’s fairly unremarkable.

All processing was in ART 1.18.1, with only final web-downsize and JPG export in another program. It was a bit of a challenge to get more-or-less balanced color and tone from a midday harsh-light shot. Also, the cirrus in the sky didn’t help any so I had to “assist” it a bit. :slight_smile: Too much? The white clouds to the far right may look blown, but they’re not.

Just minutes before this shot, from the other side of the lake there was a nice reflection-only shot of numerous parallel pine trunks in the glassy-smooth water. As you can see here, that glassy-smooth surface was rippled by a breeze just as I set up for that shot. It never totally calmed again. Oh well, c’est la vie I guess… I tried this one as a focus-stack but too much was wiggling in that breeze.

IMG_5605.CR3 (32.6 MB)
IMG_5605.CR3.arp (36.8 KB)

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This one was not easy for me. This is where I ended up, but I’m not really settled about it. dt 4.2

IMG_5605.CR3.xmp (8.0 KB)

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Here is my interpretation with DT 4.2.

IMG_5605.CR3.xmp (15.6 KB)

Greeting from Brussels


Yeah I had to bump saturation, luminosity and texture via masks in several places. I think I used 4 or 5 masks with the local editing tools.

More matte look and stabilized perspective.


My version in dt 4.3. Sigmoid and various other trimmings including a masked instance of exposure.
I like this shot a lot, especially viewed full screen as big as possible :slightly_smiling_face:

IMG_5605.CR3.xmp (19.4 KB)


DT 4.3
I tried to bring out shadow details to match my expectations.

IMG_5605.CR3.xmp (13.8 KB)


I was torn between offsetting the visual weight of the “layers” but ended up opting for a more literal Rule of Thirds composition. But generally I like more vertically asymmetrical layouts like this. Ideally I would have liked to made the foreground the bulk of the visual “interest” but it just wasn’t that interesting… :slight_smile:

Aw man… you’re tough! LOL :smiley: I’m not sure if any of my photos are up to large / close examination!!

Seriously , thanks.

I shot several focus stack series… Shoot one, then remember I forgot to rotate the polarizer. Shoot another one, then decide I like a different viewpoint. Shoot another series, then notice the plastic trash in the shot. Shoot yet another and then decide to shoot a single-frame version just in case.

Drat!! :smiley:

Then I get home and look at them on my 27" monitor and I was glad I had the single frame version. All the focus stack versions had moving tree limbs, clouds, water, grass…

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Yes, a bit asymmetrical and also cutting off the negative space that is just grass.
This way the stones and boughs are coming from the edge towards the lake. I think the foreground is interesting enough in terms of calmness of the whole scene. I like it. :slight_smile:

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Looks fine to me! :grin:

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Thanks for sharing this image.
I have done all sorts of silly things in GIMP! Cropped off some of the foreground which I darkened somewhat. Tried to get a little more detail in the darkest areas. Increased the contrast in the water and an increase of contrast and saturation in the sky. All in all I have probably ruined your photograph!


My version…

IMG_5605.CR3.xmp (18.8 KB)

Not ruined at all - That’s why I posted it. :slight_smile:

I think this crop could work but would benefit from some green grass, etc. Of course that holds true for all the others, too – Winter time is dead grass time. I’d be tempted to drop the top crop just a tad to remove the little line of sky peeking through, but that’s just me. I actually ‘cloned’ out two small sky spots in ART. :slight_smile:


Time disguises Man and his graves, and the extreme forms and relics of earth and sky.

IMG_5605.CR3.xmp (23.6 KB)


Nice variation with the top and bottom gradients.

I am not posting this to say I’ve made a good edit, only to show that I just made a personal editing breaktrhough. I studied and studied a couple of weeks ago, trying to figure out how to mask a particular color and change it in a way I wanted to. Based on a recent comment by Boris in another thread, I finally got the epiphany I needed.

In this edit, I focused on changing the green trees and the blue sky. Because of my sloppy masks, other parts were affected, too, but this is just a personal proof of concept.

IMG_5605_01.CR3.xmp (8.6 KB)

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Care to explain?

In my version, IIRC I used a combination of Color Similarity masks to select the colors I wanted and then a Brush mask to refine it. Looks like you got pretty close with darktable, too.

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