Watercolours painting Blur/Dilution effects

Did someone in the G’MIC group ever look at the possibiity of having a special blur preset which could resemble the effect obtainer using water over the color?
There are many specific behaviours, the one I’m now pointing to is the effect that at the end of the “splash” (not the best word to use, I know) the color density is greater than in the centre.
Here attached an image from Deviant Art.
Is something already available or is the effect doable in a short future? Thanks.

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This is the first thing I wanted to do with G’mic. Or at least something close.


But I don’t think I can yet.

Wow, is this attempt stored in the “testing” section of G’MIC filters?
If so, I would like to test and follow you.

Well yes, it is. It’s called Uglify ( yeah I know )

Well, just did a couple of tests.
Hope you continue.
Did you have a look to the outcomes of my Gimp filter(W.I.P.) on Gimpchat Experiments with revamped JVID_L WIP • GIMP Chat

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Well i don’t really look at other forums, but your attempts look nice indeed.

It’s still a bit of hit or miss. It depends on the level of detail and dimensions of the original picture.
One day i may go back to working on it, but the more i do, the worse it gets.