Way off topic-Tool sharpening (not images)

Morning, Way West,

Since you are a woodworker, I presume that you have
heard of the Scary Sharp method?

Hi Claes. I moved this to the Lounge forum. Don’t want people to think they need a sharpening system to compile software.

I used the scary sharp system for 10 years or so, and it can work very well indeed. I bought very fine grit papers at auto body supply places, and spray mounted them to 1/2" thick scrap acrylic I used to have lying around. They key point was to make sure the paper was adhered to the acrylic smoothly, and very little pressure was applied to the steel when sharpening. Too much pressure, and it’s possible to push u pa bit of the paper in front of the edge, dulling it, or tearing the abrasive.

These days, I mostly use oilstones that I have accumulated, at least for the tools such as chisels and plane blades. Every year or so, they get a visit to the bench grinder to clean up nicks, and establish an new hollow grind.

Turning tools are all sharpened in jigs and platforms on a low speed bench grinder. They go dull quickly while turning, and need constant touch ups. Think about how much wood goes across the edge of a turning tool at 500 rpm.

I do have my eye on this:Sorby
It’s a bit of an expense, but worth it in many ways. I’m told its often sold to chefs for knife sharpening.

Stay well!

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