Weird question...can I use a .usr file or a .gui file in gimp to [re] set up a plug-in?

The problem here is that I am definitely not a coder, but I love(d) GREYCstoration, and while I understand it’s available in G’MIC, I liked this version.

p.s. - I just extracted it to GREYCstoration-gui-2.5.2-6.fc8.x86_64…is this more doable?

I used that back in the day but I doubt that anything can be carried over or is compatible. @rich2005 @David_Tschumperle

Hey afre,

Okay, well I decided to keep going at where I was, and this is where I am now, very unsure of what to do next, but thinking (hoping, maybe) that I can somehow work this out. Anyway, here are some pics - seeing that I could unzip the .gui file very easily, I did so…

…the 7zip this is meant to have a question mark after it.

This was meant to be shown first…oops

Hi Elizabeth.
You downloaded incorrectly version for Windows (looks like Linux Fedora?).
The plugins for Win have the extension exe.
There are two working versions for Gimp-2.10.30:

  1. Older download from here:
    Archive GIMP Plugin Registry
    or from here:
    Greycstoration Gimp plugin by photocomix-resources on DeviantArt

  2. A bit newer to download from here:
    Editing scripts • GIMP Chat

Both versions are 32 bit so Gimp must support old plugins.



Wow, that explains a lot…thank you!! :sweat_smile: :heart:

Glad you got the answer. Your edits and additional posts helped clarify the question. :slight_smile:

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And it works great on GIMP …I actually found a larger version in my own downloads (duh!) which I’m going to try to share now… (3.5 MB)

This is for Windows only, I believe. Hope I entered it correctly! :slight_smile:

Nice. I was wondering what you liked about it. What filters you are looking for. More importantly, what filters it had that didn’t make it to G’MIC. The community could try to port some over, or better yet, improve them.