Welcome PhotoPrism

Everyone please join me in welcoming the PhotoPrism team to the forums!

I’ve set them up a category with the other Software projects:


And of course their account is @photoprism_app.

If you haven’t had a chance to see what they’re up to you might be pleasantly surprised at the features and work they’ve accomplished this past year:


Welcome aboard! :partying_face: :champagne: :tada:


Great to be here! :sparkles::rainbow:

Happy to discuss general questions and help with technical issues on https://discuss.pixls.us/photoprism

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Hi @photoprism_app nice to hear about your incredible softare which I never heard of before. Unfortunately I was not able to raise a new topic under the above-mentioned URL, so please don’t mind if I ask my question here. And feel free to move it to the new board :wink:

As I studied your quite impressive feature list on your web site, I was wondering if the photos are auto-tagged by AI-based analysis of the photos itself, or if tagging is “just” based on the meta-data included in the JPEG or sidecar file. Unfortunately I didn’t find more information about this on your web site, but perhaps I just overread it…

So any links to the documentation or comments are appreciated :slight_smile:


Well darn. I’m looking into this right now to figure out what’s going on - sorry for the delay!

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