Were some posts lost?

Hi community,

I was following an interesting discussion under this link: https://discuss.pixls.us/t/what-is-the-future-of-darktable/ but it seems to have disappeared. Does anywho know why?

Yes, I removed it about two hours ago because it spiraled out of control while I slept.

The TL;DR of it is: darktable is very healthy, has an upcoming release, and recently moved to a twice a year release model because there are so many features. I do not think it’s future should be in question.


Thanks for the information @paperdigits!

You are right, some post were a little bit rude. Anyway I learned there that Aurélien is working in a fork of darktable and I could download a windows version of it. Also I learned about vkdt.

Well that’s certainly an interesting point of view.


If you care to elaborate, please do (here or in private). I do my best, though certainly open to otherview points and any help in moderating.

I skimmed the thread. Did AP say that? I thought @priort (who is also providing the Windows updates with the new modules) said if there is a fork he would use/try it.

Sure: I read (quickly) the thread, and it didn’t seem worse than others. There was the “usual” swearing and insults, but not more than what has usually been tolerated recently (at least it seems to me – note that I’m not necessarily saying this is a good thing though). Deleting a thread seems like a very extreme measure, which I expect to be used only in extreme cases. Before getting there, there’s the possibility of putting it in slow mode or even locking it. So I was surprised to see this removed altogether.


Deletion would be a total last resort for me, I don’t even delete my own posts when I regret them later. Having said that I’m not the one spending my time on moderation, so I do trust you folks to make the best choice. I did find some of the info in that thread useful though…

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I built and posted a link in the thread which is now gone…but I have not had any time to see how it looks or runs in that modified form…


Its here…AP has not updated the tags so the version shows as 3.5…I built it yestday…I don’t think much if anything has changed…

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Thanks for clarifying.

BTW, I believe people would appreciate it if you made a thread for your unofficial untested releases. That way, they are all in one place. Just a suggestion really.

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I read the whole thing slowly at 6 am local time. The thread was fine when I went to bed, and when I awoke there were like 24 new posts (red flag #1; generally “a lot” of new posts to a thread is no more than a handful). I had previously thought the thread was mostly answered. Reading through the posts none were very positive (red flag #2), so why let it continue to devolve? I nuked it.

What kind of community do we want here and how much mod action is needed?

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I just find it strange that (if I recall correctly) people who asked their own posts to be deleted were denied the possibility in the past (with the argument that doing it would have broken the flow of the conversation or something like that), but a moderator can simply decide to kill a whole thread without any discussion. That said, I am grateful for the work that you do, it’s certainly a tough job and underappreciated. I hope you don’t take this as a personal attack because that’s certainly not my intention.


After responding I found that I forgot to repost the link…I did it now… I can start a topic with this provided if it is not going to stoke any fires…it was merely for people try

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I don’t find it strange at all and is completely in keeping with the way content is licensed on this site and is inline with what the ToS etc says (and few people read). It was designed this way by the discourse people themselves, and I think we just happen to agree with it. But that’s my opinion, and I try to look at it (most of the time) like we are building a knowledge base.

This is the power of the moderator, no? I try to use discression and I don’t nuke a whole thread often. I can’t remembered the last time I did, actually.

Did you think that thread was going yo yield anything else fruitful? I sure didn’t.

To be very frank, if I felt there was another moderator who wanted to engage in these types of decisions collectively, I would totally be willing to do that. But I do not feel that support and haven’t for several years, thus I just try and do what I think is best in each particular instance. That may result in some uneven application, and I accept that and welcome the criticism.

If the community feels that I over step my bounds often and regularly, then I will relinquish the moderator duties without question.

Thank you.

I do not and what I’ve written above is meant only to clarify how I feel and make it transparent to the community.


I don’t think you have overstepped your bounds as a moderator. Especially not on a regular basis. I appreciate your contributions and your work as a moderator very much.
Nevertheless, I think deleting an entire thread is a very harsh measure and would have preferred, for example, a (temporary) closure. I also posted in this thread. Even if it was nothing really important, I find it a pity when contributions from others and myself simply disappear.
Thanks for your work and I hope that such measures will rarely be necessary in the future. I also have little understanding that some threads “slip away” like this. I think we are all civilized people and should be able to behave.


Obviously I assumed when it was gone today that something must have flared up. If there was swearing and personal attacks then I guess maybe it should disappear. There is no need to be aggressive or a bully. If it concerns people then perhaps collectively we will all be better behave and engage in intellectual discourse and not school yard squabbles so that the content is just that content and not a jumble of emotions and insults…I can’t really say as I didn’t see that part so these remarks of mine are likely out of context. IN any case all the moderator(s) of a group have a lot of responsibility and pressure. I appreciate all my fellow members and those that go beyond to help and contribute…lets all work to make it easier for them…

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People, please don’t close your eyes.
Honestly, I did not expect so many reactions in so short time.
Edit: Well… I mean if I think about it it’s not so bad for me personally if the discussion is gone.

Generally yes, that is what happens. But then sometimes no.:upside_down_face:

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I do think many of the posts in the now defunct thread clearly overstepped the forum guidelines: https://discuss.pixls.us/faq.

In my view deleting the thread was unnecessary censorship and an unjustified action.
We are not children. We’re not in China.
I found that an interesting thread not least because it was the first I’d heard of a dt fork and that is a significant development, in both senses of the word. I would have been looking back to it tonight to see any new posts, except I came across this thread first.