What are the metadata that Siril uses ?

Hi! I recently lost all of my metadata from my photos due to a file transfer issue and couldn’t find a solution other than manually typing all of them. But I’ve only entered the ISO, the date it was taken, and also the shutter speed. Siril apparently did not like that and couldn’t process the images after all. So what are the metadata (Color temperature, RGB space, etc) that Siril uses so that it can process again?
Thanks in advance!

Hello, are these raw images? libraw is used to convert them, and it probably requires some file data to find the camera model and Bayer matrix pattern, I don’t know what exactly.

Siril can work with no metadata. They are not mandatory but highly recommended in most cases.
Take the example of a SER file that does not handle a lot of metadata.

They are RAW images, but with search, I’ve learned that the “normalization” can’t be processed because of 3 images, which are the 60th, 68th and 28th. But how can I know what image is the 28th?

This is not related to metadata.
The 28th is r_pp_light_00028. Easy :).

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