What are you using as a DAM

(Syv) #1


I’m archlinux.

What are you using as a DAM to keep track of keywords, descriptions…?



(Mica) #2

Geeqie or digikam.

And grep.

Been thinking about emacs, but not sure how that’d work.

(Peter Lavender) #3

Digikam for me.

My workflow, when disciplined is import images from card to server.

Fire up Digikam, tag all photos, then rip through rating all images with 1 star. Create a sub directory called filtered, move all 1 starred images to this folder, open Rawtherapee, process to jpg.

The final images don’t end up tagged or starred, but I can at least find the original raw in digikam and go from there.


Use xnviewmp.

  • create on server a specific dir for each subject with date(YMD) and theme for example: 170322-Uzbekistan
  • copy photo from cards to server with explorer
  • create a sub dir for each day/each camera
  • synchronise date taken and include gps information in all subdirs with gps4cam or manually with exiftoolgui
  • separate JPG and raws in subdir
  • tag JPG : 1star if I keep, 2stars if I want process raw (about 10% of keepd photos)
  • create a “filtered” subdir for each day.
    -copy for each day the starred jpg. process the raw with rawtherapee with output in filtered
  • rename all photo as
    {EXIF:Date Taken [ymd_HMS]}-THEME-{EXIF:Model}-{Filename Number}
    -suppress all original jpg

At the end I have for a travel for example, a directory for each day containing the selected photos of all cameras, sorted by time.

structure of dirs:

  • theme
    • day1camera1
    • day2camera1
      • jpg
      • raw
    • filtered
      • day1
      • day2

(Rick Davis) #5

I have been using Bridge, I tried Digikam, but prefer the way I can access external hard drives with Bridge (much as I dislike using anything Adobe) over Digikam’s. Bridge is free.