What do we see really in the ligthable or DARKTABLE

I have a question about lithtable, I hope I am at the right place.

If I import a raw picture and an a jpg picture in darktable (lightable)

I process them in the darkroom

after I returned in the lithtable, what I see now is it processed? or to really see the process it is in the darkroom and panorama?

I know it is a simple question


After you make an edit, what you see in light table should reflect the edit.

Thanks for the answer…

From what I can see, after the edit the raw in the light table has not change, same as seen from after importation from the camera.

About the jpeg I will check to be sure.

I read only lighroom can do this edit in the light table. I hope I am wrong

There is a preference to preview the embedded jpg or use the raw file, make sure the raw file option is used.