What does "rc" mean in application file name ???


It was requested that I download and try a “RC” version; what does the “rc” denote and what is significant about it?

I did notice that the 6.4 Stable Release was some over 359,000KB; whereas, this 7.0 RC-version is just over 193,000KB

Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.

rc is “release candidate” which means not a stable version, but close.

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Thanks for the explanation.

Why such a difference in file size ?

This is not even an RC, it’s a daily (or weekly? don’t remember) snapshot release (can be seen from the missing rc version in the name). And those are always debug builds, which are bigger than release builds as they contain debug symbols.

My understanding has always been that a ‘release candidate’ is supposed to ‘officially’ be ready for release. The idea is one last chance to catch bugs, and if not are found after a certain amount of time the same build number could theoretically become the final release. If bugs are found they can be fixed and a new release candidate issued. Rinse and repeat.

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