What effect is this? - G'MIC


Considering how large G’MIC is at this point, it can get easy to get lost where’s the effect. Now, here’s the effect that I’m lost at finding.

Could have sworn there is something similar

For others who’s lost too, here’s the thread made just for that.

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I would call it “the textured glass effect”. It has diagonal hatching but is dominantly glass-like.

Digression: I have never really searched for G’MIC filters myself, even when I didn’t know how to write my own. Since I have learnt, I haven’t compared with other’s work at all. I encounter a problem and solve it myself without finding if someone got there first. Probably the ignorant way to go.


I would probably have to recreate that effect. The last time I found something like that for G’MIC. I noticed it only has one pixel strokes. I create filters by theorizing and then applying it unless I don’t have anything to go off by. For me, comparison is necessary to validate that there is improvement. Sometimes, I go too far by going into 30+ controls like for the Vibrato and the OOBS filter (I doubt most people bother with those, but they’re there for any one who likes flexibility and need those).

EDIT: On second thought, I think I might to recreate a shape based effect where tiles contains shapes into them and each tiles has two colors.


I was also thinking that once you can do this, you could do a metallic version, etc.