what happened to the greycstoration plugin for gimp?

this has always been my favorite way to really denoise a image + really arrange the image better…and now my plug-in is old, and I can’t seem to find a new one…ughs :frowning_face: - if you know where to download one safely for win10 (64), please let me know.


It is now part of the GMIC plug in. The GMIC plug in has lots and lots of filters. In the Repair menu Smooth [Anisotropic] is essentially greycstroation IIRC


oh wonderful, thanks :):grinning:

unfortunately, it’s really not the same…believe me…but thanks for trying :slight_smile:

actually, I’ve found out greycstoration still exist - as a separate plug-in (like gmic) …you add it in your plug-ins and put it in through gimp that way (via plug-ins) -just look up/google GREYCstoration.com :smile:

Hey girl!! I’m doing a science fair project and for part of it I need to use GIMP to colorize images. I’m still new to this so idk exactly how to work it…can you explain how I add the GREYCstoration to my plug ins because idk what a plug in is😭 thanks so much

That plugin is completely superseded by the GMIC plugin (same authors…)

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