What happened to the lutify.me luts?

What happened to the lutify.me luts? They used to be part of the color presets but are no longer listed on the website. I searched the gmic topic here for lutify.me and no results were found. So, figured I’d ask if anyone knows what happened. I think maybe there are other lut categories that used to be in gmic as well, but I don’t rememer their names if there were others. That being said, does anyone have those luts they wouldn’t mind sharing?

These LUTs are still available from Lutify.me | Free cinematic color grading LUTs
They apparently changed the way they distribute these CLUTs, so I preferred removing them from the G’MIC website.

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Ah, I see. I was asking here since I wanted to avoid signing up for a trial, those things tend to autorenew and I wanted to avoid the risk of forgetting. Thanks for the info though!