What is gdbus.exe used for?

My photo processing computer uses Windows 7 for the OS along with Avast Anti-virus. Avast is flagging gdbus.exe as being contaminated with something called IDP.Generic. The description of IDP.Generic is pretty vague but gives the impression that this is some kind of general condition. Maybe that means it refers to a variety of things.

Anyway Avast has quarantined gdbus.exe. In that, it is no longer present in the .bin sub-directory of Darktable. However, based on pretty limited experience to date, this dos NOT seem to have any affect on the operation of Darktable. Note: the error arose when Darktable is started but it seems to start fine without gdbus.exe.

Thanks! That is some help.

Here is a link to some information that I found interesting. While it pertains to Inkscape I presume the gdbus.exe is the same as in Darktable. The referenced information implies that gdbus.exe is intended for use from a command line. Possibly this would mean that its’ absence is NOT relevant unless such an operation were desired when using Darktable. At present I don’t know what that might be but it looks like, for now, this is NOT something to be very concerned about.