What is going on with my RawTherapee?

I am trying to open up a CR2 files captured with Canon 5D Mark IV. RawTherapee installed using apt in Ubuntu.

The following picture came up:

What is going on? Where should I start to look for solution?

EDIT: Ubuntu 16.04.2 kernel 4.11.01 so I guess my ppa won’t be the up-to-date one…? And my RawTherapee is 4.2.0 accoring to rawtherapee -v

I’m going to guess your version of RawTherapee is too old to support your camera’s raw format.

You should tell us:

  1. The version of Ubuntu you’re using
  2. The version of RawTherapee you’re using.

There is a PPA with an up-to-date version of RawTherapee listed on the downloads page of RawTherapee’s website.

I just update my post for more info :smiley:

First step is to update to 5.2. Either get the required PPA http://rawtherapee.com/downloads or compile yourself Linux - RawPedia

If the problem persists, upload a sample raw file using https://filebin.net/

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