What is new in 1.14?

I can’t find any release notes anywhere.

There aren’t release notes. You would have to look at the commits.

For 1.14 from here

to there

It’s mostly just bug fixes and minor tweaks – that’s why there are no release notes. ART is essentially done from my point of view, I have a couple of workflow improvements in the works, but apart from that don’t expect anything exciting, just bug fixes and updates to support new cameras when possible. (This might change if/when I get an HDR-capable screen, but it’s not going to happen soon I’m afraid… :slight_smile:


Btw, you can conveniently compare tags like so: agriggio / ART / Compare — Bitbucket

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good to know, thanks! I’ve linked it from the main page

Glad to know that 1.14 is mainly bug fixes and tweaks. However, I am not sure if it is just my computer or anyone else who is using opensuse tumbleweed. I install the latest version to my computer, but am unable to open it at all. I have tried installing via KDE discover, Yast, and even terminal. I click on the icon in the application menu and nothing happens. I was able to open the 1.12 version which I had on my computer. Hope you can look into the issue. My computer uses x11 instead of wayland.

I’m not a Linux user, so I’m a noob, but have a VM with Tumbleweed ready to hand. There is no problem with this version. (ART-1.14-linux64.tar.xz o.c.)

Where did you get your version from? What do you mean by “installing”? The official build doesn’t need to be installed. What does the console say if you try to start it from cli?


When i meant install, i meant the links provided for nightly build for arch, windows, macOS, appimage, and opensuse under downloads on the main page of bitbucket.org/agriggio/wiki/Home . Here one doesn’t need to build the app. Regarding opensuse link it takes to a page where one clicks on download and then you are the opensuse store where click on suse icon and you either download the rpm file or copy paste all the commands in the terminal and then install.

Hi, you can try the “official” 1.14 build as suggested above…

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Thank you for replying. Issue is I don’t know how to run the official version as I have no idea what to select to run and get the software working. For me package like rpm or deb etc is easier to install without worrying too much. So can you please give me some hint as to how to get the software working on my computer.

Thanks in advance

SreeLakshmi Prabhakar

Just extract the compressed file (e.g. ART-1.14-linux64.tar.xz) in a folder and then run the ART script (you may have to make it executable first)

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Thanks for the information. One question though is do i have to run this everytime I want to use ART. I am concerned as it might not save my preferences and might revert to default settings everytime i open the application.

That’s how I always run it and my preferences are still there :slightly_smiling_face:

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The settings should be saved in /home/{user}/.config/ART/

So, with your extracted folder, you can do whatever you want. And if you don’t want to browse to this folder everytime to start ART, you can manually add the shortcut to your startmenu.


Thank you thank you thank you.

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