What is the loss value indicator?

In the Tutorial Siril - Tutorial for a complete processing of astronomical images with Siril and its scripts

it says “Make sure that the loss value indicator does not display a value above 0.1% in the lower right”

but there are two % values shown in the lower right and neither of them are labelled. Which one is the loss value indicator?

If you hover over the text with the mouse you will have the explanations.
This is the percentage of lost pixels. Here in the shadows. Your curve is at left. Too much at left.

Thanks. So they are actually both ‘loss value indicators’ And presumably neither of them should be >0.1% ?

When you say my curve is too far over to the left, do you mean I have to move one of the triangles on the x-axis?

(I wonder why the ‘apply autostretch to the image’ cog button produces a result with an indicator >0.1% if it’s saying that’s not good? Would it not be possible for this to be one of the parameter limits built in to autostretch?)

Autostretch is primary done done for preview, not for final image.
Documentation says that one should never do final autostretch automatically but manually.

No, the documentation says you should use the autostretch tool, then make adjustments.

" In the histrogra window, click on the + button to zoom in the graph and click on the toothed wheel to mimic the auto-stretch behaviour:"

So how do I get the loss value indicator to reduce below 0.1%?