What is the name of this community?

(farid) #1

So I’ve never really given it any thought but which is it:

I address it as the former.

(Mica) #2

“pixels dot us”

(farid) #3

thats’s what i thought thanks. :slight_smile:

(Mica) #4

That’s my own interpretation! Definitely not “pixels dot you es” :slight_smile:


I think, Pat called it somewhere just pixls. My personal interpretation always was: [our] pix[e]ls [belong to] us :smile:.

At least for me, this is the main reason I prefer free software for image editing: that I have the feeling that the access to my edits/to my creative work does not depend on some company’s goodwill.


Pat called it somewhere just pixls.

How is it pronounced? peekselz? peeksels? peeksehless?

(Pat David) #7

I personally refer to it as pixls.us usually.

That is, picks ells dot us, or pixels dot us.

I’ll call it pixls for short sometimes, or if I’m referring to the forum only: discuss.

@chris your reply is pretty much spot on for what I was thinking when I finally found the domain name, and is something I try to nudge people towards thinking about.

Of course, this is all pretty open to interpretation by the community, and I’ll roll with whatever it evolves to.


Ha ha, this is a funny topic. Initially, I had major problems keying in the correct site URL because I didn’t know how to say the name; but after bookmarking the main site and the forum, all was good.


I call it " pixels are us" lol. :smiley: