What OS are you running?


@clanmills I have the feeling that for some macOS is the opposite of FOSS but in my opinion it has more FOSS components than Windows. Also, Apple products are $ $ $ $ $. And when are they updating the Mini?


Still Dual boot Manjaro Plasma 5 & Win7.
But in Manjaro side 90% of the time.

Tho still use Lightroom 3.6 on win side.
And due to the abysmal graphics tablet support in Linux.
Using Krita on windows side with my Huion H610 graphics tablet.

(Robin Mills) #23

@afre I’m not an Apple Fan Boy. However the machines work well and give me a solid platform on which to develop Exiv2. If they don’t upgrade the mini this year, I guess they’ve killed the product line. And as they appear to have neglected the Pro, perhaps they’ll only ship iMacs and laptops (Air and MBP) in future. We’ll see.

Apple products cost $, however they last a long time. I purchased an iMac in 2007 and (apart from a disk replacement) lasted for 9 years.


Ofnuts Jr’s 5yo MacBookPro just died, and he is considering replacing it with the N-1(*) version (the one that still has USB ports) because the newer ones are seen as a step backwards…

(*) HEAD~, for the Git mavens.


@clanmills is not an Apple Fan Boy, but he is certainly a mac guru! :smile:

(Robin Mills) #26

Thanks, @HIRAM. The Apple Fan Boys are zealots who believe in the inherent superiority of Apple products. I don’t. Windows/Linux/MacOSX are all good and evil in different ways. I’ve made my living by knowing how they work. Guru? Engineer is praise enough, thanks.


I have Mint and Win7 installed in dual boot. I answered Windows for the poll, but once Win7 will cease to be supported, I’ll switch to Mint completely.

(Francisco Cribari) #28

Arch (Manjaro KDE and KRevenge)


I suppose that’s due to many of us being developers and not “just” users. And Linux is by far the most comfortable OS for that. I do have VMs with Windows and OSX with build environments set up, and both systems are a major PITA.


OpenSUSE Tumbleweed for last 6 months because it just works but my favorite has always been Mint.
I have Windows 10 as dual boot but haven’t used it for 6 months or so. I am running out of space on my main HDD and thinking of wiping the W10 partition. :confused:

(Ingo Weyrich) #31

Windows 7 as main OS (for that reason I voted for Windows), but also using Sabayon on my Laptop and Manjaro (which I really like more than any other Linux distro I tried) in a virtual machine under Windows 7.


On fandom:
It wasn’t my intention to start a conversation about fan people. People tend to want to share what they like, though they sometimes overshare and it starts to irritate you. I have been on both sides of that.

Rant incoming:
What I vehemently dislike are self-described or hired “tech evangelists”. They trawl the net for unsavory representations of their beloved brands and aggressively troll the source into submission: killjoys.


At first I thought Jr was a 5yo considering what his next computer would be. Then after reading the post a dozen or so times throughout the day, I realized that you were referring to the MacBook Pro’s age :rofl:rz

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What i find amusing i had a few gentoo users already that told me “openSUSE Tumbleweed is what i always wanted from gentoo”. Tested rolling release distros FTW. :wink:


Sometimes I think it updates too often though (once per month would have been often enough for me). Also as any leading edge it bleeds once in a while.

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Hehe … releasing Tumbleweed happens when ever it has built and passed the testsuite :wink: As we normally don’t use a separate update repository but just push security updates through the normal release process. you want to update like once a week at least :slight_smile: I usually do that on Monday morning. (Yes i run TW also on my workstation in the office)


I remember this particular Cupertinoite used to visit the mac/apple user group circuit regularly.

What an insanely great time it was.


Nice follow-up to my rant-comment. Originally, I removed it for being a little negative but consider it undeleted :blush:.


I only ventured into the world of linux after I tried the short lived windows version of darktable. I think I’ve now got the distro hopping disease. I’m not a coder so I go for look and feel. I also detest Windows 10 (what a mess). So I quickly went through Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mint, Fedora and finally settled on Opensuse. Something about the clean and efficient lines. However, I also installed Manjaro recently and was blown away by its speed and how it looked. It seems to very intuitive to me and may replace OpenSuse.
One thing I have noticed that in Flickr my pictures look a tad washed out when running Firefox in Windows compared to Firefox in Linux, weird.

(darix) #40

How do you measure this speed difference?