What OS are you running?

On a suggestion from @bminney, it might be fun to run a few polls to see what’s going on in the community. Due to my shocking lack of originality and creativity, the first one I’m going to run is see what type of OS’s everyone is running on out there. :slight_smile:

  • Debian (Ubuntu, Mint)
  • OpenSUSE
  • Fedora (CentOS, RHEL)
  • Gentoo
  • Arch
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Other

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I’m also a few gins into my evening, so I may have left out some folks favorite flavour/OS. If I did, I apologize! Select “Other” and let us know below what your beloved OS happens to be! :smiley:

I’m also assuming the OS you spend the majority of your time on (or which one you want to identify with). I have to run Windows at work all week long, but my home machine is an old Macbook Air with Ubuntu 16.04 - so maybe I’d choose “Other”? :confused:

Per @Morgan_Hardwood I was going to update the poll, and found that I cannot modify a poll with public votes (probably a good idea), so I’ll just quote what he said:

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I have Debian Jessie as my main editing machine, a KDE neon box, NixOS on my laptop, and sadly an ancient iMac that runs my printer.

My desktop is an AMD 4-core Ubuntu.
My tablet is a Windows Surface 3
My work computer is a Dell laptop with Win7

I do photo work on all three, to include programming using gcc. It is interesting the extent to which you can run your favorite software almost seamlessly across the major platforms


I use Windows 7 with most things disabled. I have run all of the listed OSs and then some at some point — not that I am a :nerd_face: but rather a curious critter.

While I am at it, I will make a :nerd_face: joke: I just noticed that all we need is a “M” to complete a color space.

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I vote others because I use Solus :slight_smile:

Remember my first day of my first job, upgrading an SE/20 from System 6 to System 7, which I used to serve over a network both a newswire I was pulling off of a satellite dish and a laser disc player remote controller. Now we have blu-rays and google news!

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May I suggest an edit:

  • Gentoo (Sabayon)
  • Arch (Manjaro)

Ubuntu 16.04 on two laptops (including the one I use for photo work), Win 10 on desktop (because of a couple of apps), and z/OS during the week. Ticked Debian(…) since that’s what’s relevant here.

Slackware FTW. :slight_smile:


Also, for what it’s worth, this forum is run on OpenSUSE (Leap). :wink:

I agree with @Morgan_Hardwood. I clicked “Arch” because I do have a Vanilla Arch laptop that I use sometimes, but my main rig is actually Manjaro.

Arch (Manjaro) here.

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openSUSE for life.

Did you know that openSUSE provides up2date snapshots for darktable? (ok we also do them fedora but that is besides the point)


Kali Linux (=Debian + cool stuff) :smiley:
I suppose most RawTherapee/DarkTable users use Linux, for Windows there is Lightroom :wink:

I don’t know for RawTherapee/Darktable, but roughly 3/4th of the users of Gimp are on Windows despite the availability of many other image editors. Money, freedom… etc.

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Is it unusual that Red Hat/Fedora don’t have any representation here? I swear I thought I at least saw @RileyB using Fedora…

Well youve got one now :slight_smile: I can send some of my crew over!


Some of my colleagues use what they call R-Hell :slight_smile:

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Maybe it’s not so unusual.

I think most new users start in the Ubuntu camp. Once they become more comfortable with Linux, and get tired of old kernels and packages, they upgrade to Fedora :wink:


I’m surprised that so few are using MacOS-X. I use Parallels to run VMs for Windows 10, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, FreeBSD, Fedora and Yosemite. My (4 year old) Mac Book Pro with the retina display and ssd is an awesome laptop. My desktop is a (3 year old) Mac Mini whose primary job is to be the buildserver for Exiv2.

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