What po file for translation

Thought of translating and follows:
Can’t find siril.pot and all .po files look different.

This document is outdated.
Please follow the translation section here

What language do you want to start?

Maybe I’m slow
but what is Ninja, or where should I write it?
I have the PO folder with lots of .po and Poedit but I don’t understand which file to choose as they are all different.
I use mac

ninja is a build tool. On a Mac you can likely get it via homebrew or Mac ports.

@lock042 we run a weblate instance if you’re interested in a web GUI for translation.


Yes that could be awesome, and for our new documentation too. Even if I don’t know how it works :).

Tell me what language you want to translate and I can provide you the po file.

To Swedish
Managed to install Ninja but then they crashed :slight_smile:

Here the po file :slight_smile:
Good luck
sv_SE.po (461.1 KB)