What program would allow me to crop using a grid?

Hello, Everyone

I need to straighten (turning clockwise or counterclockwise, 1 or 2 degrees) several pictures of the same place taken during different months of the year. I took them standing on the same spot but because I did not use a tripod there are some -minor- angle differences.

Is it possible to have a visible squared grid while straightening and cropping on Digikam, gThumb, Shotwell, nomacs or Gwenview?

I want to crop them to squares and I think this very simple method will give me the result I am looking for.

…RawTherapee: yes. RT has grid option in its cropping tool. Take a look. It supports turning and perspective correction too.

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You can also use GIMP to crop, rotate and crop to a square.


…or you could automatically align them and crop them using Hugin:

I use darktable for this

Finding a way to do what I wanted was not as hard as I thought. I didn’t even mention rawtherapee in my question because raw image processing software intimidates me.

Thank you for recommending hugin.
I was not able to do what I wanted, but I discovered how to overlap several pictures to get one final image with all (or most) of the elements in the batch!

Well if you want to learn, there is no better place than here! :slight_smile:

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It has a learning curve like all programs have and easy to follow “how to get started with RawTherapee” -type documentation and videos are scarce at best.

I edit non-raw images also with RT, for example jpegs taken with mobile phone. I start with 13 Megapixel more or less miserable looking photo and end up with reasonably sized (fullhd size, etc.) pleasing photo. It has very useful and easy to use (once you get a hang on it) tools like the already mentioned rotation, cropping and perspective correction, but also exposure editing, shadow and highlight control, addition of local contrast “pop”, various tools to alter colors etc.

One tool I especially like is the post resize sharpening, especially RL deconvolution. Mobile phone jpegs often lack sharpness and after down scaling situation is even worse. This tool applies sharpening to photos after resizing and usually leads to much more pleasing final jpeg.

You can make a profile with settings you like and apply it to multiple images, edit photos roughly in File Browser very quickly and put multiple images to batch queue.

Does RawTherapee allow bulk turning and perspective correction ?


It does. You can edit one photo to taste and copy (Ctrl + C) the processing profile in file browser and apply it to other photos via paste (Ctrl + V).

You can also use Batch Editor in file browser to edit photos roughly if thumbnail view is accurate enough (picture below), which it likely isn’t in your case.