What would make it crash?

What would make GMIC crash? I use it through Gimp and opened it up. hadn’t chosen any filter, was taking my time and it crashed on me. I even got the dreaded “dying plugin could cause error” message.
I ask because I have use the plugin for a long time and it has NEVER crashed on me before.
Btw picture I was working on wasn’t a very large one either

what version ?

Weird thing is, I have used this version to do some other editing and it has done what I wanted no problems before

Could you please try with the ‘latest dev’ version to see if that still happens?

ok installed and tried. Opened and went through many filters…didn’t choose any but cancelled out. Was ok.
If it ever happens again should I let you know here?

Yes, of course, having feedback is always good!

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Hi, you’ll need to provide an error message or crash log to get a specific answer.

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Just thought I would let you know David apparently my GMIC crashed again.
I wasn’t doing anything at the time. But may have had an instance of GMIC open.
I leave my Gimp open from the time I start up my computer until I close down for the end of day. I had used it earlier in the day. Went off to do something else and when I came back to Gimp it gave the error message (in the error console) that the plugin had crashed.
vs 3.1.0._pre#220331