What's In Your Bag?

(Pat David) #21

Looks like dpreview did a short hands-on with it:


Looks nice!

(Elizabeth Hayman) #22

Hey, I love my bag ALMOST as much as I love my camera, so I thought I’d share here (sorry, currently no pics, but will get to that soon) - my bag is this wonderful Bestek camera bag, my camera is a Nikon DX (18-55mm) currently my only extra lenses are basic uv protection lens, Vivitar series 1 (wide angle and macro) -and a cheap circular polarizer and neutral density lens (neither have been used yet!)


(Elizabeth Hayman) #23

…but I do also own a Pentax k-1000 (my first camera!) - I plan on implementing that lens onto my newer camera, since i do not have a darkroom, or have the money for one, sad to say, ah well

(Elizabeth Hayman) #24

just bought some stuff, thought I’d share :slight_smile: …a new uv protection lens and my favorite form of camera lens cleaners - lenspens! …yeah, I’m lazy, so these are very convienent. :slight_smile:

(Sebastien Guyader) #25

Here’s my Kalahari bag and what’s inside usually:

The Kalahari bag is affordable, but it misses separators, some extra padding at the bottom would be good too. I wish I had the larger model, this one is a bit too small.

(darix) #26
  • Peak Everyday Messenger
  • Peak Slide
  • Fuji X-T2+Grip+Peak Cuff
  • Fuji 16mm/f1.4
  • Fuji 60mm/f2.4
  • Fuji 56/f1.2
  • What ever the kit lens was
  • Godox TT685F + Trigger with the LumoPro LightSwitch Speedlight Case and Modifier

and probably soon will follow

  • Fuji 23mm (not sure yet if f2 or f1.4)

(Luc Moreau) #27

Hi! Nice bag though for a smaller kit maybe. Which model is this please?

(Sebastien Guyader) #28

Hi, the bag is a Kalahari Molopo K41i. Another complaint I have is that since it is not very rigid, it’s almost impossible to open/close the zipper with a single hand. But it’s a cheap bag, I paid only about 20 euros for it.