What's In Your Bag?

(Glenn Butcher) #41

gah, thanks for letting me know. I’m not presently able to upload images, and these were originally cross-linked from an album on my website, ah, and now it occurs to me, can’t be reached without a password. I moved them to another, unprotected directory, and I think alls well…

(Stefan Chirila) #42

thanks! works now :smiley:

(Elizabeth Hayman) #43

you’re welcome, and nice pics! …ironically, i don’t actually (…yet!) have a actual pic of my bag!! …but I swear, i will take one soon! :slight_smile:


From top left, clockwise spiral:

  1. Monopod
  2. Tripod
  3. Remote trigger
  4. Pacsafe medium bag
  5. Polarized filter and K3 warm filter
  6. Fujifilm 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 with UV haze filter
  7. Fujifilm 60mm f/2.4 with UV haze filter
  8. Fujifilm 18-55mm f/2.8-4 with clear filter
  9. Storm jacket for protecting lenses (the body is already sealed)
  10. Charging kit
  11. USB stick with 16GB storage carrying projects for printer
  12. Fujifilm X-T2 with 23mm f/1.4 lens
  13. Pen (associated notepad/diary not shown)
  14. Cleaning kit: brush, blower, cleaning liquid and cloth
  15. Two spare batteries, only one really useful, and rarely
  16. Snap-on flash, rarely used

That’s the full kit. On any given day, I usually carry only a subset of those.

For example, night photography will require the tripod and remote trigger, while the monopod is better for action and demonstrations. And I haven’t really used the storm jacket yet, to be really honest. Also, I only carry the full set of lenses on special occasions. These days I carry the 23mm and the 55-200mm as that gives me good flexibility. Otherwise I might go with the 18-55mm instead of the 23mm if I know I’ll be in full light and without too many portraits shots. I rarely use the filters, but the polarized gives good results with bright skies. I only bring the charging kit on long travels.

Not shown is the tiny 27mm lens for traveling ultra-light, in which case I don’t even bring the bag at all. I’ve carried the camera and that lens in a pelican case for canoe trips with good results. Also not shown is the Canon Powershot G12 which took the picture, along with a whole slew of older cameras and cell phones I rarely use now that I got that fantastic X-T2.

I like the Pacsafe bag, but I have become doubtful of its “safety” properties after seeing how fast TSA agents are able to open it. I suspect a skilled pickpocket will have no trouble working around those clips that supposedly keep the bag closed… I also find the shoulder straps to be too long and the bag bouncy when running.

Every lens has a protective filter and a pouch so they don’t bang into each other in the bag - which has limited “lens slots”. I recently got glue-on cap holders so I can just remove a cap and leave it dangling instead of losing it in who knows which pocket.

I have a disease that many here probably share which is that I am constantly thinking about new gear instead of actually improving my photography skills. Next in line, lens-wise, is a 2x teleconverter to help me with animal photography and a macro tube for electronics. I’m also wondering how I could improve my astronomy shots, maybe with some telescope adapter? I would also like a sealed lens like the Fujifilm 35mm f/2.

I am also considering eventually getting a second Fujifilm body for better action coverage as swapping lenses is always a little slow. In the meantime, I am considering a lens flipper and shoulder/“breathe” strap. Finally, I should eventually figure out flash photography, which I’ve always avoided, but I don’t know where to start. I’m curious to see what I could do with a reflector, for example…

Phew! So much gear! Now back to taking pictures. :slight_smile:

[Friendly reminder] Limit JPEGs to maybe full HD resolution
(Elizabeth Hayman) #45

image ta-da! (not my pic, sadly) but hey, it’s a good image via where i got it, via amazon :):grinning:…also it is a:
BESTEK Waterproof Canvas DSLR Camera Shoulder Bag with Shockproof Insert - Khaki

(Elizabeth Hayman) #46

fixed that! now you can see the outside (the bag!) …am working my way in, lol

(Pat David) #47

I mentioned it in the initial post, but it might be worth mentioning again - if you’re brave you can waterproof the bag by melting some wax and brushing it onto the canvas. It makes a rather neat final appearance and feeling while adding some protection (though if it’s too heavily applied, and a hot day, you may have some slightly waxy hands… :slight_smile: ).

(Mica) #48

I’d also like to see photos of gear inside the bag. I have too much gear and I already carry a pretty large backpack. I’m trying to figure out how to fit my Tamron 70-200 mm in my bag as well. I think I need to redo the whole inner bag layout, but I’m not sure I can improve on what I already have. It initially took me 6 hours to arrive at what I have already.

(Pat David) #49

The solution might be a bigger backpack? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mica) #50

My current back is a Lowepro ProTatic 450, does it get larger than that?

(Elizabeth Hayman) #51

wow, that is one big backpack… :wink:

(Stefan Chirila) #52

can’t find one :frowning: on amazon. Link pls?

(Elizabeth Hayman) #53

sorry…but I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking…are you trying to buy one for yourself?


PS Currently unavailable.

(Elizabeth Hayman) #55

well thank you afre, I was just getting that, you beat me to it :wink:

(Elizabeth Hayman) #56

frustratingly enough, the ‘people’ who sell this bag (it was only 28.97!) are Amazon.com services.inc …I think it was on sale or off-price, but there are a lot of nice bags in Amazon…just type in photography bags :slight_smile:

(Bri) #57

Before I moved out of the city (RIP ‘chicago’ branding) I used to carry a camera on me every day. Just in case. I started with a cheap canvas bag with a smaller Samsonite bag tucked into the bottom of it. This photo was from when I first put the kit together, but the ring flash quickly dropped out of the EDC.

Nikon D3000, two lenses - 50mm prime and an 18-55mm kit. Extra battery, charger, notebooks/pens, and a handly little USB drive that is also an audio recorder. Quality is so-so. Also carried anything else I needed for the day. Keys, snacks, ibuprofen. EDC stuff.

I quickly got frustrated with needing to dig to the bottom of the bag to pull out my camera, and the messenger style bag I have bothers my shoulder as a daily carry. So I got a new bag.

This is a Go Groove Camera Backpack, available on the large internet superstore for about $60.

I carry basically the same stuff, although now I also have a 55-200mm that gets tucked into it as well. The two sections are separated so smaller accessories can go into the top and all of the camera equipment is still accessible. The best part is it even has a side pocket that goes into the main body so you don’t have to advertise your wares while pulling the camera out. Plenty of space in there to tuck a speedlite and a trigger set if you need them too! The only downfall is it isn’t waterproof by itself, but it does come with a cover you can slip over the outside.