What's needed for an OpenCL accelerated darktable in Manjaro?

Hi! My GTX 970M mostly gives me the option to “activate OpenCL support” in darktable.

However, after a few days (or hours) of uptime it becomes grayed out and I must reboot Manjaro KDE to get the option back. It’s the same with NVENC in OBS.

I don’t start OBS or darktable with prime-run, but I’ve tried to and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Once the OpenCL option is gone I have to reboot.

I wonder if I have all the packages needed for stable OpenCL acceleration in darktable. I’m using the proprietary Nvidia drivers and I have have the following packages when searching for “nvidia” in pamac:

  • nvidia-prime
  • nvidia-utils
  • lib32-nvidia-utils
  • linux510-nvidia
  • mhwd-nvidia
  • mhwd-nvidia-390xx
  • mhwd-nvidia-470xx
  • opencl-nvidia

I saw somewhere that the (4 GB!) cuda package was also recommended. I don’t have optimus-manager. Are any of these recommended or necessary? Am I missing anything else?

Why on earth would it grey out? Sounds as if something is not really stable.

It is a long time since I was using Manjaro, I’ll see if I can dig up some notes from that time. One thing needed in those days, I recall, was ocl-icd.

– a little later –

Found it:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

There have been a few OpenCL-related topics. Your card or your machine could be running out of memory. You could increase the opencl memory headroom parameter.

I’m on a tram now, but search for opencl in recent topics (the past two months).

Edit: found this

If your computer goes to suspend/standby/sleep while darktable is active, opencl will be disable and you need to reboot. I think it’s and Nvidia “bug”. I think there is some experimental script or so to prevent this for Fedora.
The only way to prevent this is closing darktable if you know that your PC will suspend.

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Thank you @betazoid! I was able to reproduce the error with you information. Once I close the lid while darktable is running it’s goodbye to OpenCL and only a restart works. Arghh… This is extremely frustrating. I mean, it’s a laptop. :neutral_face:

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If that is the case, unloading and reloading (some of the) nvidia modules might work. I’ve already turned my computer off for the night. Try lsmod, rmmod and modprobe.

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Thanks! I’ll try to explore that. If you come up with something when you’re at the computer, I’m all ears. :slight_smile:

Don’t know if this could work on Manjaro:

sudo rmmod nvidia_uvm
sudo modprobe nvidia_uvm

I’ll give it a try tomorrow.

EDIT: This is giving me high hopes. Not elegant, but better than reboot.

facing same issue on manjaro linux. the temporary fix mentioned here works.

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The cuda package isn’t required for darktable. I would advise reading the Arch Linux Wiki and linked topics if you haven’t already.

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sudo rmmod nvidia_uvm
sudo modprobe nvidia_uvm

Did the trick. OpenCL is available in darktable again after disappearing due to closing the lid.

I guess I just need to automate this when opening the lid and getting the machine out of sleep.


Or close darktable before putting the machine to sleep?

You have too high thoughts about my ability to remember simple things. :slight_smile:
But yeah, darktable has to be restarted anyway. Or else it won’t find OpenCL again after doing:

It’s a very welcome alternative to rebooting the computer for those times you forget to exit every OpenCL accelerated application before closing the lid.