What's the best program for editing images in photoprism in cloud?

My entire image collection is in cloud in a country where the internet is slow and expensive. I’m wondering if there’s a way to edit my images in cloud and not have to download first to local. For example is there a way to use digikam in cloud? There is digikam docker container. Docker

If “internet is slow and expensive”, why use the cloud for anything to begin with?

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You have to find a photo editor that can be run on the cloud and that can be accessed on a web browser. I don’t know if this is possible with Digikam.

If you can find one you can try to point this tool to your Photoprism library or use the WebDAV feature of Photoprism to have access to your files.

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You’d need to edit on the server. If you use a browser-based editor, you still download the file.

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If you only download the photos you’re going to edit, it should still be less bandwidth than editing in the server. Unless it’s a very optimized editor I can’t see how it would use less bandwidth showing all the changes than downloading the photo once.

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the cloud is a trap…

Hi Mike, so multiple remote people working on the project would have access.

Good point.